I woke up this morning thinking about today’s election, and wrote this essay on my personal blog. My fellow Sunflower bloggers suggested I share it with you, our lovely readers. It’s my perspective as a parent as I think about today’s election and the state of a country that can’t quite get it together to work together– which is one of the very basic life skills (I imagine) we all want to teach our kids.

It’s Election Day « discovered in play.

I voted, and now along with the rest of the country I‘ll be holding my breath today, waiting to see who won the presidential election. No matter the outcome, I think my overwhelming feeling will be relief that it’s finally over. It’s been a really emotional and divisive—and sometimes really vicious—campaign. The most extreme groups in each party seem to be living in completely alternate realities, where different rules apply. It’s truly shocking to me that some people refuse to look for any kind of common ground. I guess elections are always a bit like that.

Maybe I’m feeling more frustration and incomprehension this time because I’m different than I was before… Continued on discovered in play blog

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