Author: Meade Peers McCoy

A family of plastic horses and two 3-year-olds (child-led conflict resolution)

There are some days at Seedlings when we get to witness some amazing, completely child-led events. Sometimes it’s the fort to beat all forts, and other times it’s a simple interaction between young children that blows you away. On this particular day, I was roaming the playground with a camera and I came across two young boys playing with a pile of sand and a plastic animal menagerie. It was the first time I got to see the conflict resolution skills we talk about all the time in action.

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Give them time (a story of watercolors and preschooler theoretical physics)

I was walking through the room headed off to do something important somewhere else, with no intention of stopping or even lingering to listen, but something about the intensity of their conversation drew my attention. As I stopped to listen to the three young girls chatting as they painted each others’ faces and arms, I thought that they were simply enjoying the beauty and wonder of creating living art. It turned out I was selling the situation and the learning experience very short…

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