Our Roots & Shoots Shooting Stars (ages 5-12) tried something new recently: a seed scavenger hunt in the natural verges of Woodlands Park in Boca Raton. After collecting various seeds and pods, the Shooting Stars used these natural treasures to spark their artistic sides. Who knew marlberry seeds made great art tools?

The diversity of seeds and their pods the Shooting Stars found was amazing. Some looked like green beans, other like bright beads, more clung to clothing for a ride back to Sunflower.

Parents, what seeds can you and your child find in the natural areas around your home? Get outside!

And let us know! Tell us about your nature adventures in the comment section below.

Post by Wynna Dunmyer, with Jaime Greenberg
Photos © Wynna Dunmyer and Sunflower Creative Arts, 2014


Sunflower is proud to be a part of Roots & Shoots, a free club for children that focuses on local social service projects showing care and concern for the environment, animals and the human community. Roots & Shoots was founded by Dr. Jane Goodall in 1991. Today, there are more than 150,000 members in over 130 countries, all working on local and global service projects.

Children in Sunflower Roots & Shoots meet weekly to explore local natural areas, tend Sunflower’s onsite community garden, work on art and service projects and play in Sunflower’s nature playscape called “The Valley.” Our program was funded this year by a generous grant from the Junior League of Boca Raton. For more information, call 561 482-3412.