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Susan and Seedling, Photo by Meade Peers McCoy, Seedlings Bridging Day 2015


Excerpted from Sunflower Blog, May 2015

“Are we gonna take this tree with us to the new Sunflower house, Susan?” A three-year-old in our Seedlings program puts his finger on a tall Florida live oak as he waits for my reply. “Nope, this tree has roots in the ground right here. This tree will not go with us.”

Susan saying goodbye to trees

Saying Goodbye to our old home.

We all give that tree’s familiar bumpy trunk a thank you hug. Seedlings are generous tree huggers. The next half hour is spent with a very serious crew of three- to six-year-olds, pointing and talking about all the things we will take and which things we will leave behind when Sunflower moves to our new home in Delray. Almost every single thing that the children play with, dress-up in, ride on, dig with and touch now, will be a part of our new home when we move. Our old things mixed with the new will feel very familiar to any former Seedling.

And, like many former Seedlings, I know these children’s early memories will always be associated with this particular place in Boca. They’ll remember the freedom, the colors, the smells, tastes, dirt, water, paint, first friends, their teachers and the other parents who looked out for them.

I, personally, will take with me the memory, silliness, paint, dirt and puddle splashes of every single child and family that has been part of our Sunflower community. Even as they grow up and head off to college, I will always remember them playing and asking questions just as they are now. But, for the first time, I think I can truly empathize with the graduating Seedlings. I feel that weird, tingly mix of excitement, fear, wonder and the anticipation of bravely stepping into a brand new world. It feels good!

Sunflower’s roots have been in Boca, solidly, for close to a quarter of a century. Unlike the live oak, we can carefully pull up those roots and transplant them. A new, freshly prepared and richly fertilized home of our own welcomes us with room to stretch, reach out, sing at the top of our lungs– and grow!

Susan Caruso

Executive Director/Founder Sunflower Creative Arts


for everything you do to help us provision – with sand and swings and songs, crayons and costumes and community – for the great adventure that is Sunflower Creative Arts. Your support makes this journey possible and allows for all the moments of joy, wonder and discovery along the way. Last year was epic as we prepared to leave the home where Sunflower “grew up” for the first 22 years of her life. In classes and at community events, more and more families came together to play, create and explore the natural world. Behind the scenes, the Board mapped out a strategy that will lead to a broader reach for Sunflower and a financially secure future. And we bought a house, a new home at 227 N Dixie Blvd in Delray Beach. None of this would have been possible without you. As always, thank you for sharing the hard work and hope, the forward-thinking dreams of the future and hands-in-the sand attention to the precious present moments as we grow and learn together.


Sunflower believes hands-on learning experiences in Play, Nature and the Arts are absolutely essential for healthy human development. The pillars of Sunflower’s educational philosophy are Respect for the Individual, Learning Through Experience and Learning Within Community.

Most of all, thank you for making Sunflower a home for families, a home for learning and a home for childhood, no matter what our address.

Learning Within Community:

Programs and Community Events

Last year 257 families (nearly 100 more than the previous year) participated in Sunflower’s classes, including our free community programs: Sunflower Babies and Roots & Shoots. Over 650 people attended Ice Castle Festival & Play Day, marking the third year in a row this free community event has grown by leaps and bounds. Your participation in Ice Castle and Roots & Shoots’ International Day of Peace Celebration, our other free annual event, plus the new fundraiser Hop, Skip & a Jump-A-Thon, included over 510 volunteer hours and helped spread Sunflower’s mission and message to the larger community.

Help support

Learning with in Community

Learning Within Community

just like home   Just like coming home. Last year marked the beginning of a brand new tradition at Sunflower: Gather in the Garden, a monthly community potluck held in the Sunflower Learning Garden. An average of 25 families per month gathered to share food, tackle small garden projects and catch up with their Sunflower friends.

Learning Through Experience:


Sunflower’s signature early childhood program, Seedlings, is a play-based learning environment that gives children and parents tools for empowered communication and peaceful problem-solving skills. Seedlings families form the heart of the Sunflower community, supporting each other in learning and in life. Your generous donations to the Sunflower Operating Fund last year helped us expand Seedlings to offer a choice of morning, afternoon or full day options and increase enrollment from 25 students to 40 students, allowing more families to share in the Sunflower experience.

I love how much Seedlings has awoken my child’s curiosity and exploration. He’s learned things I never would have expected.

Denise Lopez Salazar, Sunflower Mom

Help Support

Learning from Experience

Learning Through Experience

Respect for the Individual:

Parents and Children Growing Together

You helped us serve an additional 19 families with 2- and 3-year-olds in the inaugural year of our Little Seedlings program. Little Seedlings is Sunflower’s transitional program that bridges the gap between parent/child classes and our full Seedlings program. Each class includes parent participation, ongoing mentoring and support, and the opportunity to grow and learn within a community at a time when it’s most important for young children and parents. This program is unlike anything else in our local area, and would not be possible without your support. Over 100 more families were served in our other parent/child classes and afterschool theater class. The impact of these programs, which emphasize Sunflower’s pillars (Respect for the Individual, Learning Through Experience and Learning Within Community), can be seen for a lifetime.

Respect for the Individual

Respect for the Individual

Help Support


You Raised $14K for Play


Thank you to everyone who participated in our first annual Hop, Skip & a Jump-A-Thon. Your hard work paid off in Sunflower’s most successful fundraiser ever! More than 300 donors raised  $14,965.09 in support of Sunflower’s Play + Nature + Art programs, and nearly 200 people took part in the event at Rutherford Park in Boca Raton. This outpouring of support was truly inspiring!

sunflower walkathon 

Hop, Skip & a Jump-A-Thon logo, designed by Sunflower mom Candi Lehenbauer.


New Friends Along the Way

Last year, for the first time, we had several generous businesses and families sponsor our Peace Day and Ice Castle Festival & Play Day. We love building bridges with these community leaders, and are thankful for their support.



2014-2015 Event Sponsors

Benny’s On The Beach

Discount School Supplies

The England Family

The Goldman-Kelly Family

Mother Earth Diaper Service

Nature’s Way Café

Neal Weisman, MD


Organic Movements

The Palms Birth House


Pure and Simple Baby

Pure Earth Baby

Samantha Monus

Tijuana Flats

The Wise Women’s Sanctuary

may 2015 

Last year, Sunflower was pleased to begin a partnership with Delray Beach Children’s Garden. Roots & Shoots members helped the new community garden with a service project, mulching and planting sunflowers, and We Love Shakespeare! Players presented their Spring performance in the garden.

Shakespeare Players presented scenes from several plays under the shade of the mango trees in the Delray Beach Children’s Garden. 

All the ways we played…



As we bid our sunny, sandy playground farewell, we wish to say a huge THANK YOU to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Boca Raton for their support and for patiently and generously sharing their home with us for 22 years.



Spring 2014

Realtor and friend Diane Paez leads Sunflower to 227 N Dixie Blvd., a “charming house that could be a lovely home for us, with an empty lot next door where we could build a nature playground…”  


front view


Summer 2014

Sunflower puts 227 N Dixie Blvd under contract for purchase.


October 2014  

Sunflower forms an Advisory Board whose members will provide expertise and guidance as we make the transition to a new operating home base.


November 2014

Members of the McMurrain family, who own and built 227 N Dixie Blvd in 1949, share stories and history related to their home with Sunflower staff and Board members.  


November 2014 - McMurrain Family  


December 2014

Sunflower hosts an open house for the Dixie Blvd neighbors.


January 2015

Delray Beach City Commission approves Sunflower’s planned use of the property as a learning center. Short term financing is secured, allowing Sunflower to move forward with the purchase and renovation while planning a Capital Campaign to finance the project long term.


February 2015

Closing. “The house is ours!”


Susan with sign_edit


March 2015

Sunflower is awarded a $4,510.50 Paint Up and Signage Grant and a $50,000 Site Development Assistance Grant from the Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA). Funds from the Site Development Grant will pay for improving the exterior of the property, including paving, site lighting, fencing, windows and more. Many thanks to Karen Epstein and Jennifer Ligeti for their hard work on these grant applications.  

2015-10-06 13.14.35


April 2015

Current Seedlings families, Capital Campaign donors, Sunflower Ambassadors and Board/Advisory Board members get the very first sneak peeks of Sunflower’s new home before construction begins.  


April 2015 - Boy and tree


May 2015

Construction begins! Nearly fifty guests – including Sunflower Board, staff, families and supporters – attend the official Groundbreaking to kick off the renovation of Sunflower’s new home. Delray Mayor Cary Glickstein spoke at the ceremony, along with Susan Caruso and Jennifer Ligeti. Several members of the McMurrain family also were in attendance.  


May 2015 - Sunflower Groundbreaking

2015-04-02 08.55.07




June 2015

Sunflower forms an official Capital Campaign Committee. Jesse England accepts the role of Capital Campaign Chair. “It is a tremendous privilege and honor to serve in this capacity for such a wonderful organization,” Jesse said. “Sunflower’s mission and all of the people working hard to support it are truly inspiring, and I am proud to join such a dedicated team.” Jennifer and George Ligeti will serve as Honorary Co-Chairs. Victoria Green and Saskia Meckman also sign on, the first of many committee members on this important team.  




July 2015

Sunflower moves into our new home!  

July 2015 - Smiling child

The adventure continues…

2015-10-06 13.13.41

Financials, July 2014 – June 2015

gold house

<- 19%  Donations & Fundraising 

<- 81%  Program



Program $162,343

Donations & Fundraising $38,193

Total Operating Income $200,535



Program $162,009

Administrative $42,660

Fundraising $19,736

Total Operating Expenses $224,406



red house

Fundraising  9% ->

Administrative  19% ->

Program  72% ->


Reviewed statement and all financial documents are available at

A bunch of little monkeys… Made possible by your generous support. Seedlings’ days are everything childhood should be– filled with time to learn, sing, giggle and dream.

Sunflower Circle

our monthly giving club


Spotlight on Saskia Meckman, Sunflower Volunteer

sunflower volunteer Saskia and Serena show their love at Give in the Garden, part of Sunflower’s Great Give scholarship fundraiser last May.

Last year Saskia was a Little Seedlings parent, Sunflower Ambassador and a volunteer for the Hop, Skip & a Jump-A-Thon fundraiser. She joined Sunflower’s Capital Campaign committee in June.

Why do you volunteer for Sunflower? Having been part of this amazing community of families, I have seen what an important role Sunflower plays. Imagine all the people (little and big) it has greatly supported and influenced in the past 22 years! To help Sunflower grow and move forward in some small way has been an honor.

What do you love about Sunflower? Sunflower was the first “home” Serena (our daughter) and I felt most comfortable in as we navigated life as new mom and baby out in the Boca Raton/Delray Area. It is a unique environment where I have felt open and safe to grow as a parent and person, a place that I know my daughter loves to come to and explore who she is as a child growing up in this ever-changing world.

2014–2015 DONORS (Operating Fund and Scholarship Fund)

We are very grateful to the donors and organizations that supported Sunflower Creative Arts from July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015.

Donors A - E

Leanne and Lon Adair

Lisa and Steven Aliperta

Jill Allingham

Ashley Amian

Amy and Edgar An

Ann Anderson and Niklas

The Andreadis Family

Cindy and Richard Andresen

Anonymous (75)

Gayle Appel

Jennell Appel

Luanda Azevedo and Kyle Kuhlman

June Backer

Sharon and Scott Baker

Cathy Barr

Kim and Sharon Barr

Michelle and Shawn Barrett

Kim and Mark Bauer

Danielle and Thomas Baugh

Harvey Baumgarten

Mary Ellen Becker and Bruce Hurley

Luca, Janine and Mauricio Benavente

Doris Berge

Scott Berge

Alyson Berry

The Billings Family

Cameron Blacklock

Vanessa Boltz

Callie and Matthew Bosch

Hannah Bottigheimer

The Bowne Family

Ron Bradley

Diogo Braga

Carlton Brijmohan

Genna Brisson

Pam Brown

Stacy Brown and Steve Goldner

Terri Ann Brown

Matthew Buchholz

Jessie and Daniel Budd

Jannick Burkhardt

Mij Byram

Mary and Bob Cadwell

Lisa Camp and Camp Tellman

Erin Carter

Ileen Carter

Kelly Carter-Smock

Susan Caruso

David Chapman

Dorothy Charbonneau

Connie and Jim Chester

Andre Chin

Carol Chin and Vincent Lawson

Kim Chin

Simone Chin and Mahesh Neelakanta

Gloria Chiodo

Elisa and Gabriella Chong

Velvet and Chris Chong

Shannon Cid

Guy Cipriano

The Clearys

Allison and Ed Coach

Marc Cogman

Linda Cohen

Linda Cohen and Howard Sirota

Mary Ann Cole

Linda and James Colucci

Rachael Compofelice and Cousin Charlie

Leslie Cooper

Kathleen Costa

Brit and Jack Courtney

Adriana Crisan and Steven Burstein

Cindy Cudworth

Christopher Cummings

Teresa Cummings

Chase Cury

Brian and Cecilia Dan

Diana Davidson

Sloane Davidson

Michael Davis

The Deans – Dan, Nikki, Oliver and Zac

Inara and Scott Decubellis

Laura DeGroot

Kerri and Steve Deitsch

Rachel’ Dency (in honor of Sarene)

Hallie, Lynne and Jerry Deutsch

Jenna Dickensheet

Mike and Alex Downer and Frisco

Andrea Doyle

Susan and David Dubbin

Kimberly and Jeremy Dudley

Stephanie and Aubrey Dunham

Rob, Amy, and Bo Dunphy

Carmen and John Edelson

Michelle Ellis

Hannah, Sophia, Mark and Cynthia England

Meredith and Jesse England

Wanda England

Karen and Bill Epstein

Sophie Evans and Chris Hentschl

Lexi and Hayden – Evolution Salt Co


Donors F - N

Joelly Faber

Cathy Fant

Diana and Manny Fernandez

Jill and Kol Firtell

Elaina and Jim Fischer

Mike, Kelly and Connor FitzGibbon

Ruth Ann Fleming

Lisa and Jason Fogelson

Ilana Foglia (in memory of her mother, Ginny Moro)

Joe Gaglianello

Joseph Gaglianello

Mary Gaglianello

Karen Galin

Suzy Garfinkle

Allison, Samson and Madden Garvin

Jennifer Gene

Deidre Geraci

Ron and Cecilia Geraci

Barbi, Steve, and Barbi Gerald

The Gerlitz Appel Family

The Glas Family

Audrey Gluck and Sergio De Simone

Connie and Barry Gluck

The Goldman-Kelly Family

Helen Grace

Christopher Alan Graves

Victoria and Vince Green

Jaime and Brett Greenberg

Margaret and William Greenfield

The Griffin Family

Roberto Guzman

Sarah Gyampoh

Barbara Haensel

Julia P. Haensel

Marzena and Josh Hamby

Colleen Haney/Communicating Energy Wellness

Tiffany and Jeremy Hanlon

Kristin Harkness

Michael Harney

Rosie and Josh Harris

Rebecca and Mark Harvey

Stephanie Hawkins

Maris Hayashi and James Tracey

Dinna Hearn

Victoria Maria and Yina Herrera

Melissa Hersh

Suzan and Terry Hibbs

Cindy, Jackie and Katie Hirsch

Elisabeth Hoffman

Cindy Hoyle

Suzanne Humphries

Daric Huntt

Astrea Hupfel (in honor of Jennifer Ligeti and Family)

Michele Iemolo

Kerry and Anissa Inaganti

Angela and Dante Ionata

Ita Ita Organic Food

Craig Jenkins

Lynn Jones

Michelle Jun

Roger Kalina

Eric Karr

Jeannette and George Karr

Justin Karr

The Kattermann Family

Jill Kay and Stefano Papaleo

Norma Kay

Rebecca Keller

Vicky Kemish

The Kenneys

Brenda Kerstetter

Samer Khalidi and the Dubai Cousins

Paul and Patricia Kilgallon

Brian and Lindsey King

The Kitchner Family

Merri Klar and Jeff Berkowitz

Allison and Gregory Koslowski

Ellen and Bill Kruse

Mary Beth Kugler

Hallye and Gregory Kuhlman

Diana and Paul LaCarubba

The Landau Family

The Lawrences

Alan and Elisa Leavitt and Family (in honor of Susan Caruso)

Arielle Leavitt

Candi and Bear Lehenbauer

Simon Leung

Luciana and Eran Levy

Heather Lewin

Beth Licht

Jennifer and George Ligeti

Samantha Ligeti

Martin Lipschultz

Chuck Lister

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Livingston (in memory of Karen “Nana” Blair)

Anna Tsapina and Mikhail Lobanov

Hannah, Chris, Thomas and William Lockwood

John Lombardo

Sid and Kelly Long and Cousin Joshawa

Angie Lopez

Jennifer Low

Donors M - S

Crystal and Michael MacLean

Philip Mahalik

James Barton and Jennifer Marangos

Christine Marchand-Manze and Bob Manze

Elizabeth Mariner

Tayler Mariner and Martin Lee

Natalia, Alessandra and Nathan Martinez

Dylan Peers McCoy

Lora and Jim McCoy

Meade Peers McCoy

Hannah McFadden

Ivette McMullen

Daria Wels and Daniel McNalis

Carmen Meckman

Marie, Steve, and Ben Meckman

Saskia Meckman and Fares Khalidi

Brenda Medore

Irene Menegas and Manuel Vasquez

Debbie Michael and Lottie Champion

Faith Miller

The Mirsky Family

Rakesh Mishra

Irfan Mohammed

Mike Monahan

Mia and James Moore

Ricardo Moreno

Lori and Mike Morrison

Marc Morrison and family

Nina and Joe Morrison

Brian Moskin

Lauren Mulkey

Lillian Murray

Perambur Neelakanta

Marisa and Marcus Nesse

Cassandra Newkirk

Joy Nissley

Minerva Nunez

Maxine Ofsowitz

The Ohanian Family (in memory of Ginny Moro)

Janine and Jared Opper

Wayne Paglieri

Zii Andrea and Alesia Papaleo

Chuck Papp

Jessie Patterson

Terry and Allan Gadd

Cherrise and Keith Pawlak

Lesley and Henry Pawlak

The Petersen Family

Casey and Sean Philbrick

Julia and Terry Philbrick

The Pleasants Family

Liam, Jessica, and Scott Podnos

Ami Polonsky

James Porreca

Jolie Filpo

Ralph A. Powers, Jr.

Marta Prado

Sylvia Pritt

The Quinones Family

Belen Ramos

Viji Ranganathan

Anna Rankin

Kimberly Read

Julie Redd

Phillip Rich

Barbara Riddick

Sherry Rienas

Emma Riley

Susan Rinder

Emma Risley and Scott Schereschewsky

Helen Rockberger

Loibel Dance Studio

Amanda and Ryan Roy

Natalie and Lance Sager

Courtney Salamone and Joseph Snider

Vivian and Ben Salisbury

The Salt Suite


Donors T - Z

Patricia Sanz and Edwin Pena

The Schattens

Erick Schiess

Lia Schultz

Estelle Schwartz

Steven B. Schwortz

Kathy and Spence Seery

Tricia and Bill Seery

Elizabeth Selya

Ilysia Shattuck and Stephen Charbonneau

Sue and Bob Shattuck

Tanya and Jason Shattuck

Courtney Siders

Denise and Matt Sidley and Christina Klimek

Michael Sigelakis

Valerie Silidker

Adena Simmons

Cory Simpson

Howard Sirota

Aidan Smith

Ani and Adam Smith

Claranne and Rich Smith

Denae Smock

The Sneiderman Family

Frances and Ronald Snider

Gary Snyder

Cynthia Sossei

Cynthia and Alan Sperling

Lisa Spiro

Jenny and Tom Stancampiano

Erin Stockard

Clea Stone

Gail Stone

Ellen and Marshall Stone

Peggy and David Stone

Anna Sullivan

Dorota Szladewska and Ernesto Salas

Teddy and Luke Talbot

Rita Tangorra

The Tatges

Claire and Michael Teller

Maria and Michael Tempesta

Tanil and Trey Tidwell

Erin Tobin

Joseph Tocci

Nikki Tomaino

Angela Towne and Gus Martinez

Reva Tucker

Jade Umlauf

Barbara Unger

The Vandemark Family

Annike Venoy and Michael Greenberg

Maria and Manuel Vergara

Ellery Vick

Marjorie and Dick Viens

Erika and Victor Villalobos

Carol and Michael Vogt

Kim Wallant and Douglas Stewart

Connie and Ted Walters

Rachel and Adam Wasch

Kathleen Watson

Amy and Neal Weisman

Gayle Wentworth

Patricia Werhahn and Richard Viens

Lisa and Jim Wheeler

Beverly White

Traci Wilbur

Julie Williams and Steve Ellman

Lee and Charlie Williams

Dave Wilusz

Gertrude and Theodore Winsberg

Christine Yaralli

The Young Family

Shelly and Paul Zacks

The size of the names in the word cloud is randomly created and not a reflection on how much each donation is valued.

Every effort has been made to acknowledge contributions correctly and completely. Should you discover an error or omission, please call us at 561 501-6615.

Sunflower Circle

Our monthly giving club

Special thanks to Stacy Brown, Steve Goldner and their son Blake for opening their beautiful home to us last fall for the annual Sunflower donor and volunteer thank you party.

Special thanks to Stacy Brown, Steve Goldner and their son Blake for opening their beautiful home to us last fall for the annual Sunflower donor and volunteer thank you party.


We’re all in this together: Sunflower Scholarship Fund

Your generous donations to this fund ensure our programs remain affordable and available to more members of the community. Last year you helped raise $8,258 for need-based scholarships. Your gifts directly impact the next generation of Sunflower families. Thank you!

scholership fund section “Without the help of the Sunflower Scholarship Fund, there is absolutely NO way my children could have been a part of the program. It was imperative to me that they experience this type of childhood; that they have this foundation in life that I feel ALL children deserve. A foundation that they can carry with them well into adulthood.”

-Erika Villalobos, Sunflower Mom

A HOME FOR SUNFLOWER – Capital Campaign

Sunflower_Home_LogoYour generous donations to the Capital Campaign helped turn Sunflower’s dream of a new home into reality this year– bringing more families into our community, creating one of South Florida’s first nature playscapes, and allowing Sunflower’s model to become more widely known. As we settle into our new home, your support continues to be crucial. Our goal is to pay down and ideally eliminate the debt we acquired in purchasing and renovating 227 N Dixie Blvd.  

Total Project Expenses: $1,371,971

Capital Campaign Goal: $1,000,000

Money Raised to Date: $188,082.10

(including donations, pledges and grants)

Thank you to our newly formed Capital Campaign fundraising committee and to our Advisory Board for lending expertise and guidance during the purchase of Sunflower’s new home.  

Advisory Board

Leslie Cooper

Jeanette Denker

Karen Epstein

Patricia Kilgallon

Paul Kilgallon

Jenna Laufer

Liz Locke

Jeffrey Lynne, Esq.

Natalie Mitchell

Kristi Moyer M.Ed.

Diane Paez

Michele Peel

Scott Schereschewsky

Laura Walsh


 Capital Campaign Donors

* 2014-2015 donors

Amy and Edgar An *

Keith Backer

Sharon and Scott Baker

Jill and Walter Baum

Stacy Brown and Steve Goldner

Mike Budd

Ileen P. Carter

Angelo Caruso

Steven Caruso

Susan Caruso *

Danielle Casale

Carlee Cohen and Jeremy Barr

Mary L. Cohn

Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency*  

Kerri and Steve Deitsch

Jeanette and Dr. Mark Denker *

Suzanne Deutch

Dockerty Romer & Co

Susan and David Dubbin *

Stephanie and Aubrey Dunham

Gary and Wynna Dunmyer

Dionne Ekendiz

Karen and Bill Epstein and family *

Ilana Foglia (in memory of her mother, Ginny Moro)*

Rebecca Follo and J. Thomas Bentley *

Barbara Fuller *

Lisa and Michael Glas

Glidden Spina and Partners *

Connie and Barry Gluck

Victoria and Vince Green*

Margaret and William Greenfield

Kristin Harkness

Astrea Hupfel

Rosemary Justice

Patricia and Paul Kilgallon *

Candy and Martin Kopczak

Le Petit Prince

Luciana and Eran Levy *

Jennifer and George Ligeti *

Martin Lipschultz

Little Seedlings Class of 2014-15*

Tayler Mariner and Martin Lee *

Lora and Jim McCoy

Kirsten McKeen *

Mendelson Consulting *

Nationwide Interpreter Resource, Inc.

Native Green Cay Nursery*

Rosario and Ernest Orphanos *

Michele and Tom Peel *

Virginia Perz

Evan Phalon

Ami Polonsky

Helena Redman

Emma Risley and Scott Schereschewsky

Dany Schaper *

Ilysia Shattuck and Stephen Charbonneau *

Sue and Bob Shattuck

Shauna of the Star *

Ellen and Marshall Stone

Dorota Szladewska and Ernesto Salas

Christine Templeton *

Sharon Rosenthal and Roy Trachtenberg

Patricia Werhahn and Richard Viens *

Join our Journey

Join our Journey

Three ways you can help Sunflower:


Tell your friends Invite a friend to Gather in the Garden! Like us on Facebook and ask your friends to like us too. Or make it official: join the Sunflower Ambassadors or the Capital Campaign committee. Contact us to learn more.


Volunteer An hour a week or an hour a year, we need your help! Contact us to find a match for your skills and our needs.


Donate Consider a first-time financial gift or an increase to your giving. Give online:

“Both of my daughters grew up on the Sunflower playground in Boca. There’s a lot of love and memories in that Sunflower sand, buried like little sparkly treasures. And, in a lot of ways, I feel like I grew up there too. I’m so happy my girls and I all had such a safe place to dare and leap… and land softly, with friends. Now, onward to Delray!”  

– Jaime Greenberg, Sunflower Mom and Communications Director


Special thanks to all our extraordinary photographers who generously capture the essence of Sunflower.

227 N Dixie Blvd, Delray Beach, FL 33444
561 501-6615 •

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Sunflower Creative Arts, Inc. is a 501c3 organization, which provides its services and benefits to children and families without regard to race, color, nationality, religion, gender or ethnic origin.


Board of Directors

Jennifer Ligeti, President

Dr. Edgar An, PhD, Vice President

Tayler Mariner, Treasurer

Susan Dubbin, Secretary

Susan Caruso, Executive Director

Gary R. Dunmyer

William L. Epstein 

Lora Peers McCoy


Sunflower Executive Staff

Susan Caruso, Executive Director

Jaime Greenberg, Communications Director

Meade Peers McCoy, Director of Special Projects and Strategic Initiatives

Ilysia Shattuck, Development Director

Dorota Szladewska, Financial Director


Sunflower Teachers and Staff 2014–2015

Susan Caruso

Haidor Truu, Seedlings teacher

Amy Weisman, Seedlings teacher

Lori Morrison, Office Manager & Family Liaison