School starts today!

Everywhere I go I see busy moms, stocking up on school supplies and lunch fixings, buying backpacks and new shoes. My older son is starting kindergarten, and many of his friends are starting pre-k or kindergarten, too. My Facebook feed is a flurry of nervous posts from women reaching out for comforting words from friends with older children, and those friends are helping us, holding our hands.

They remember feeling this way. Many of the little boys and girls I know have been launched out of the loving arms of Sunflower into a school filled with strangers, big kids, new and bewildering experiences.

How can these babies be old enough for kindergarten?

Yesterday, I got an email from a friend asking how I was doing. “I remember a blizzard of emotions this time last year, all for me,” she said. She’s right in thinking that it’s we moms, and not so much our children, who are doing much of the worrying.

For my younger son, and for many of our children, the end of summer means a return to Sunflower — as Little Sprouts and Seedlings, actors and environmentalists, singers and storytellers.

We can't wait to see Susan!

They’ve waited all summer, and the wait is nearly over. We’re so excited to come back! See you at Sunflower, friends.


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