Ice Castle Festival & Play Day

Ice Castle Festival & Play Day is Sunflower’s annual community celebration of Play + Nature + Art.

The highlight is a giant community ice castle build.

Remember Play? Blow bubbles, kick balls, roll hula hoops, build cardboard box houses, run through obstacle courses and play outside at our old-fashioned Play Day.

About the Ice Castle Each year, hundreds of children and adults from Sunflower’s programs work together to assemble over four hundred 12-pound ice blocks into a giant structure. Children then decorate the ice castle with colored water and their own frozen creations from home.

When: February 3, 2024
Where: Patch Reef Park, 2000 Yamato Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33431

BYOI (Bring Your Own Ice)! Many families freeze ice at home and bring it to the Festival to decorate the top of the Ice Castle. People freeze ice in different shapes – using plastic containers or creative items like rubber gloves – and add items from nature. Some interesting items we’ve seen frozen into the homemade Ice Castle ice blocks: shells, flowers, leaves, watercolors, and pine cones.

Heartfelt thanks to all of our Sunflower donors and volunteers who make this event possible. We couldn’t do it without you! If you are interested in a business sponsorship please call 561 501-6615 for details.

2017-02-04 15.52.54

An audio story about the Sunflower’s annual building of a giant castle made of ice and what participating means to the members of our community.

Recording and production by Dylan Peers McCoy Seedlings alumna
Music by Oskar Schuster (Sneeuwland)
Speaking: Susan Caruso, Lora McCoy, Kevin, Julia, Courtney Salamone, and Andreas.

The First Ice Castle

Dylan Peers McCoy helping to build Sunflower’s very first Ice Castle (she’s wearing the hat and gloves) when she was a Seedling.

Make a donation to help us keep this wonderful tradition alive

If you are interested in a business sponsorship please email for the details.


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Ice Castle Festival & Play Day in Pictures

Ice Castle 2017_Jaime-7769-2.jpg

2017-02-04 15.35.21

2017-02-04 15.37.15

Ice Castle 2017_Jaime-7798-2.jpg

2017-02-04 15.38.20

Ice Castle 2017_Jaime-7747-2.jpg

2017-02-04 14.03.03

Ice Castle 2017_Jaime-7707-2.jpg

2017-02-04 14.18.32

2017-02-04 15.30.01

Ice Castle 2017_Jaime-7797-2.jpg

2017-02-04 15.01.58

Ice Castle 2017_Jaime-7744-2.jpg

2017-02-04 16.49.51

2017-02-04 15.43.09

Ice Castle 2017_Jaime-7818-2.jpg

2017-02-04 14.13.06

2017-02-04 14.53.15

Ice Castle 2017_Jaime-7720-2.jpg

2017-02-04 16.39.05-1

2017-02-04 14.11.56

Ice Castle 2017_Jaime-7706-2.jpg

Ice Castle 2016

Ice Castle 2016

2016-01-31 16.14.51

Ice Castle 2016

2016-01-31 15.29.28-1

2016-01-31 15.50.08-1

2016-01-31 15.49.47

Ice Castle 2016

2016-01-31 15.47.35

Ice Castle 2016

2016-01-31 15.47.07

Holden 2011


Ice Castle 2012

Ice Castle 2012

Ice Castle 2012

Ice Castle 2012

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