The final installment in our series about technology and its potential to both enhance and complicate our lives. Read what Susan and Victoria have to say on the subject, as well.

to all the devices I’ve loved before…

As much as I love technology (my iPhone! my Kindle! my iPad! OMG my new 11-inch MacBook Air laptop! ♥♥♥), what it amounts to many times is a lot of extra noise and distraction inside my head.

I was thinking about this recently as I did some not-so-light summer reading. The author was talking about POWs and people imprisoned in concentration camps and other truly awful situations, who managed to survive both physically and mentally with nothing to engage them outside of their own minds. Given my attachment to my iPhone and all things internet, I wondered how I would cope in this kind of situation.

Honestly, I know more than a few people who might not be able to survive in solitary confinement without their smart phones. Could I be one of those people?

I certainly don’t want to be. So to restore balance to my life, I’ve committed to the following summer resolutions.

I resolve to:

  • Establish boundaries for my time. Just because I can read a work email at 3:00 am, that doesn’t mean I should
  • Before going online to get the answer to whatever questions come up during my day, I’m going to Google my own brain. Turns out there’s a lot of useful info stored up there; I just need to access it. Also (this is exciting) I can Google other people’s brains too! #ItsCalledConversation
  • Make a conscious effort to deepen my real life friendships and relationships. For me this means more in-person time with my very favorite people (including my husband and children–um, hi guys! didn’t see you there while I was checking my text messages…) and even taking vacation time to visit old friends and get to know new ones better.
  • Just be. Resist the urge to look to my computer or phone for stimulation every time there’s a lull in the pace of my life. Instead, look around at whatever part of the world I happen to be in and truly see, appreciate, and be a part of what’s going on around me. #HarderThanItSounds #TotallyWorthIt

What steps have you taken to control technology in your life?

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