Lake Evening

Dusk danced,
Dipping, diving, twirling, swirling
to the music of lapping wavelets.

Nature’s fingers held my face firmly.
Stirring alive every sense
to witness
the transforming moment.

Greens vividly green.
Rocks solidly hard.
Yellowy-green light swirling, twirling
With cottonwood-clouds
To stillness intensified.
Like lovers exhaling,
begging for night.

Susan, Evanston 6/20/11

Our home in Evanston--heading outside

This is real, very real.

A very real place where I walk each day.

My summer place.

Today’s visit:

  • saw blue, black, grey clouds moving so fast that each minute the weather is new
  • re-planted a small tree knocked out by the roots during last night’s storm,
  • trash pick up: Starbucks lid, popsicle wrapper, something unmentionable
  • observed gulls, barn swallows, wrens playing in the wind currents
  • climbed up to sit on the rocks until lifeguard whistle scolded me down
  • realized that Lake Michigan changes even more than the ocean
  • noticed that I am breathing deeply, with a calm I need very much each day

Even though intellectually I have always known how important nature is for each of us, I think this summer I truly feel nature’s fingers holding my face, stirring my senses, opening my heart to all she has to share, and I am grateful for the time and space just to be.

© Susan Caruso and Sunflower Creative Arts, 2011