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Seedlings is a play-based learning environment that nurtures imagination, science and nature exploration, arts expression and literacy.

Fall 2017 Seedlings & Little Seedlings Application – 3 Steps
Steps must be completed in order.
Step 1
Attend an Introduction to Seedlings Meeting –> 
Upcoming meetings April 26, 6:00 – 7:30 pm and Aug. 10, 6:00–7:30 pm. This meeting is for adults and babies in arms only. No older children, please. To attend, please register in the section below.
Step 2
Attend at Visiting Day with your Child –> This visit is important, as it will determine if the program meets everyone’s needs. Visitor fee is $40 per visit and covers your child’s hands-on participation in the class.Step 3
Complete Application and Pay Application Fee –> The application period for Fall 2017 has ended. To join the waiting list, you must complete the Seedlings online application and pay the $50 application fee (non-refundable). Application does not ensure enrollment.

Attending an Intro to Seedlings meeting is the first step in the Seedlings application process. In this required meeting, parents learn about Sunflower’s educational philosophy and tour our indoor and outdoor classroom spaces. If you have questions about anything Sunflower-and Seedlings-related, this meeting is where you’ll find your answers. Note: this meeting is for adults and babies in arms only. No older children, please.

Register for Intro to Seedlings:

Seedlings Preschool located in Delray Beach, FL 

Play-Based Parent Cooperative 

Seedlings is a drop-off program with a parent cooperative component
Full & Part-Time spots available now

In Seedlings, we use hands-on, sensory experiences in play, nature and the arts (think melting crayons, befriending worms and building moats in the sand) to kindle passion, build confidence and encourage curiosity- skills that serve children well in their future academic lives.

But life isn’t all about the academics… We also use the dynamic social laboratory that is a playground-full of mixed-age preschoolers to teach children skills that help them lead more meaningful, connected lives out in the world. Skills like creative problem solving, conflict resolution, communication, empathy and respect for others. The element that ties everything together is community. Seedlings students and parents form the heart of the Sunflower community, supporting each other in learning and in life.


  1. Hours of NATURE exploration each day
  2. RESPECT for EACH CHILD, freedom and choices
  3. Children practice problem-solving + conflict resolution skills and develop a strong voice
  4. Lots of hands-on science experimentation
  5. Time for imagination and social emotional learning
  6. ART all day, every day
  7. Live music and singing
  8. Math and early literacy the way preschoolers learn best – through PLAY
  9. Sunflower’s Learning Garden is the best kind of interactive laboratory for children
  10. Seedlings creates lifelong learners

Having a dance

Little Seedlings • ages 2-3 years

A transitional program that bridges the gap between parent/child classes and our full Seedlings program. The class encourages more independence in a longer program, two days a week. Parents start the year attending with their child. Each class includes parent participation and ongoing mentoring and support.

Seedlings • ages 3-6 years

A play-based learning environment that nurtures imagination, science and nature exploration, arts expression and literacy, while giving children and parents tools for empowered communication and peaceful problem-solving skills. Adults practice parenting skills through hands-on participation and receive ongoing mentoring and support. Seedlings is a drop-off program with a parent cooperative component.



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Not your typical preschool experience.

Why Seedlings is different

Respect for the Individual

  • Children choose their own activities and are encouraged to express feelings and opinions.
  • Parents receive resources, mentoring and support to make their own choices about what works best for their family.

Learning Through Experience

  • Emphasis on hands-on, sensory experiences in Play, Nature and the Arts, including opportunities for process-oriented art, music, science, nature exploration, and dramatic play.

Learning Within Community

  • A cooperative program with parents and teachers working together to provide an inspiring, supportive mixed-age learning environment.
  • Teachers work with children and parents to develop good communication and conflict resolution skills.






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