Sunflower Programs

Parent and child (infant to 5 years old)



After-school program


I love that Sunflower cares so much about helping children find their own voice. I always felt heard there, that I was respected for my opinions and my feelings. For an adult to really ‘hear you’ at such a young age is so wonderful.

Sophie Backer

Pastry Chef, Sunflower Alum

Little Seedlings and Seedlings Preschool

Little Seedlings

The freedom of play allowed me to engage my creativity in a plethora of outlets. Today I appreciate and utilize my creative mind not only in the arts, but also in the scholarly world. Growing up in the realm of Seedlings gave me the courage to dream big and express my imagination.

Cleo Dan

Elon University - Lumen Scholar, Seedlings Alum


Children will carry what they learn in Seedlings with them throughout their lives. I highly recommend spending lots of time outside, playing in the woods, catching frogs, getting dirty; it’s the greatest way to learn what the world is really about.

Maxx Berkowitz

Interactive Designer, Seedlings Alum

Sunflower’s philosophies have shaped how I parent, as well as my relationship with my spouse. The safe foundation I found in this community helped and inspired me to be the person I have evolved into today, and each member of my family has cultivated life-long friendships here.

Sharon Baker

Seedlings Parent

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