Circle of Song

Circle of Song
Infants to age 5, with adult

Circle of Song is the original class that started it all at Sunflower, 25 years ago!

This fun-filled family sing-along bonds parents, children, and friends through music. Enjoy live guitar, dancing with colorful silks, storytelling, puppets, percussion instruments and a repertoire of songs from around the world.

2019-2020 School Year

Fridays 11:00 – 11:45 am
First class Aug. 30 – Last class May 15
No Classes: Nov. 29, Dec. 27, Jan. 3, Feb. 14, Mar. 27, and April 10 


$350 for the full year, if paid in full at time of enrollment.


$370 for the full year, paid in 2 installments:
First payment of $185 due at time of enrollment.
Second payment of $185 due Dec. 1, 2019.

*Circle of Song tuition covers the whole family. Fees include registration, processing, and materials. Birthdates close to age requirement will be considered at teacher’s discretion. 

Please note: There are no refunds or make-up options for missed Circle of Song days (due to sickness, travel or other personal reasons) or in the event that Circle of Song is canceled due to weather or any unexpected circumstances beyond our control. We will open the program again as soon as we determine that it is safe to hold classes in the facility.

Parents Sing Circle’s Praises

“Circle of Song is the most wonderful mommy and me group. My son is now 21, but I can still picture him dancing with the lovely colored silks, rattling a tambourine or egg shaker. I also remember that it was the one public place I felt completely safe and comfortable breastfeeding, without the anxiety of offending. Circle of Song brings back joyful memories…”

Phyllis Klaper

“Circle of Song is the music appreciation course I wish I had in my early childhood! I’m glad my son can have these beautiful memories.”

Connie Walters

Delighted smile

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