Sunflower Sandbox

Welcome to Sunflower Sandbox! Our Monthly Family Membership of exciting Hands-on and Virtual Sunflower Experiences is an ongoing program to engage and delight Babies – 12 year-olds and their parents.  Read on to learn about the four options you can pick from and choose the level that works best for your family.

At Sunflower Creative Arts, we empower children to be confident, creative and compassionate through play, nature and the arts. We believe hands-on, child-led learning experiences are essential for healthy human development.

Sunflower Sandbox is our way of providing hands-on play experiences to families at a time when much of the world by necessity is very hands-off. Sandbox is a monthly membership program that invites you to bring play, nature, and the arts to your family. Your child will receive curated play boxes designed to inspire hours of imaginative play; attend weekly short and highly interactive online music sessions; and enjoy private sessions on our renowned playscapes to play, climb, and run free with a small group of friends or just family.

With 4 different membership levels, you can choose the one that is right for your family.

Enrollment renews automatically month-to-month after you sign up, and you can change or discontinue your membership whenever you’d like. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 561-501-6615. We hope to see you in the Sandbox soon where our warm, supportive community is already at play.

Sunflower Sandbox Membership Levels

Details of Membership Benefits:

Circle of Song with Susan (all membership levels)

Join Susan and her guitar for this virtual sing, laugh, and dance-along with some old favorites as well as new songs from around the world to add to your family’s repertoire. These sessions are recorded live each week and the 30-minute sessions can be viewed at your leisure. Circle of Song is Sunflower’s longest running program and a Sunflower family favorite for over 25 years.

Sunflower Play Pack (all membership levels)

Sing & Play, Just for Littles, Play Buddies, and Nature Players will receive 1 box full open-ended play materials for your children to keep each month – no two months will be the same. No-contact pick up will be available. Shipping can be arranged and paid for separately if desired.

Sunflower Play Library Borrow Bins (Nature Players)

These bins are filled with a set of age-appropriate materials from the Sunflower Play Library that will stimulate hours of imaginative fun. Nature Players can borrow up to 1 bin at a time up to 2 times per month. No-contact pick-up will be available on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The Shire and Seedlings Playscape Access (Just for Littles, Play Buddies, Nature Players)

This private session of play, freedom, fresh air, and joy on The Shire (for 0-3-year-olds) and The Seedlings Playscape (3-year-olds and up plus babies in arms) is a favorite benefit of Sandbox families! Our outdoor spaces are filled with thrilling hands-on nature play for your children. There are trees for climbing, sand piles for digging, fruits for picking and eating, tire swings for swinging, and more invitations for your child – and her or his imagination – to run wild! We offer 2 hours of private play time for you and your family or you and your group of up to 10 humans, including babies. Two adults must be in attendance at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age group is Sunflower Sandbox for?

The program is for Babies – 12 year olds – and parents get a lot of value from it too!

Do all members of my family need separate memberships?

You only need one membership per family – all children (and parents) are included.

How does enrollment work?

We ask all families to sign up before the 14th of the month. At initial sign-up, you choose the membership that’s right for your family. After that month, your membership auto-renews each month.

You can change your membership level anytime before the 14th of the month. You may also suspend or cancel your membership before the 14th of the month.

Feel like you’d like a human to walk you through the process? We are always happy to help and can be reached on 561-501-6615, Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 3:00pm.

What if I enroll later in the month?

New members who join on or after the 15th of the month will be enrolled for the next month and auto-renewed going forward. You will be added to the Sandbox Facebook group to start enjoying Circle of Song right away and will be able to pick up your monthly Play Pack for the next month as soon as possible. The same change and cancellation process applies as described above.

Do my benefits start immediately once I enroll?

You will be added to the Sandbox Facebook group to start enjoying Circle of Song right away. Details for booking sessions on The Shire and Seedlings Playscape, choosing virtual programs, and picking up Play Packs and Borrow Bins will be provided in your enrollment email.

What days and times can The Shire or The Seedlings Playscape be booked?

Time slots on The Shire for Just for Littles are from 9-11 am Mon-Sat.

The Seedlings Playscape sign-up time slots for Nature Players & Play Buddies are:

  • Weekdays: Mon-Wed 4:30-6:30 pm (3 weekday sessions)
  • Weekends: Sat 9-11 am, 11:30-1:30 pm, 2-4 pm, 4:30-6:30 pm (4 weekend sessions)

Is it possible to purchase more time on The Shire or The Seedlings Playscape if we wanted more time to play?

Yes! It is $125 for each additional 2 hours on The Seedlings Playscape and $100 for each 2 hours added on The Shire. Call us to sign up for a session.

What types of things can I expect in the Play Packs?

Play Packs are filled with open-ended, age-appropriate materials chosen to engage children’s senses and imaginations. Each month, your child will get a new box with new materials. In the past, we’ve included loose parts for nature and science experiments and exploration, watercolor paints and brushes for creative expression, musical tools like bells for making instruments, colorful pipe cleaners for whimsical play, canvasses and clay, and much more.

What types of things are in the Borrow Bins?

Each bin will vary in selection below:

  • Pretend– A collection of costumes, kitchen/family play, puppets, baby dolls, silks, books, make believe, toys, etc.
  • Invention– An assortment of loose parts. Loose parts are an assortment of materials to use for open-ended play, including plastics, cardboard, newspaper, foam shapes, pipe cleaners, tape, etc.
  • Build– A collection of Magnatiles, marble run, trains and tracks, blocks and vehicles, straw connectors, rubber band Boards, assorted play creatures and people, costumes, books, etc
  • Science– This bin is limited and suggested for 8-years-old and up. Compass, microscope, binoculars, includes instructional CD, etc.
  • Art– A collection of various colored tempera paints, chalk, a pallet, paintable toys, spin art, scrub brushes, stamps, chalkboards, glue, tray, etc.
  • Nature– Books on nature, magnifying glass, protective glasses, net, shells, containers for sorting, clothes pins, creature identification cards, exploring bag, etc.
  • Outdoor– A collection of fun outdoor toys like balls, hula hoops, trucks, walking stilts, shovels, pots and pans, scooters, etc.


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