Sunflower’s approach to theatre is a lot like our approach to everything else: it’s all about play, process and fun.

Parents got to see this firsthand today, as students from Sunflower’s Summer Theatre Mini Camp presented the play they’ve been working on all week.

The script, inspired by a drawing from The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg, was written entirely by the cast members, ages four to seven.

Inspiration began with a book…

The children spent this week at camp playing theatre games, writing and rehearsing the play, planning costumes and creating the scenery, leading up to the performance today.

Preparing the backdrop, with crayons and (lots and lots of) glitter!

The result was an adorable play that we parents loved (always a plus). But–even better–a group of smiling, happy kids, ready to take on the world with newly supercharged imaginations. For them this week at camp was all about the process; the opportunity to share their show and the world they created, a nice bonus.

I can’t wait to see where their imaginations take them next week, in week two of theatre camp! (Yes, you can still register. Call 561 482-3412 for info.)

For those of you who missed today’s stellar performance, here’s the next best thing: a sneak peak of the script and photos from the show:

Uninvited Guests
A play by Suzie, Dante, Sierra, Claire and Aidan
Sunflower theatre students, ages 4-7

Tom, a father

Narrator: Tom a father who lives in an old house, has two children, a daughter who is 10 and a son who is 5. Both of his children like to ice skate, but his daughter cannot ice skate because one of her ice skates is missing. Tom is thirsty and goes to the basement to get some soda.

Tom: I am so thirsty.

Narrator: As he walked down the steps he noticed something. His heart was pounding. He was sure he had seen the doorknob turn. Out of the door popped a small chimpanzee.

Small Chimp: Do you have some termites?

Tom: Why are you looking for termites here?

Small Chimp: Because I have no wood in my house.

Tom: How would wood help you find termites?

Small Chimp: Because termites live in wood.

Tom: Well you can look on the little door.

Small Chimp: Yep. Thank you.

Narrator: Tom begins to walk down the stairs in amazement. He catches his foot on a stair and trips. The loud sound alarms Grandma from upstairs.

Grandma: Are you okay Tom?

Tom: I’m fine.

Narrator: As Tom brushes himself off he notices something through the little open door.

Tom: Is that my daughter’s other ice skate in there?

Narrator: Out pops Floss Monster.

Floss Monster: I need that other ice skate to skate on the ice.

Floss Monster and Small Chimp

Grandma: Monster, get outta here!

Small Chimp: We were just borrowing it.

Tom: Why? She’s been missing it and tomorrow is her big competition!

Small Chimp: I need the blade on the ice skate to cut things.

Floss Monster: I need it to ice skate.

Grandma: Never! (Goes to Floss Monster with cane)

Floss Monster: I have floss powers!

Tom: Don’t you dare tie her up!

Floss Monster: Chimpanzee, help me. (They tie Tom and Grandma up)

Chimpanzee: Maybe you shouldn’t have done that.

Narrator: Grandpa hears the noises coming from downstairs.  

Grandpa: Why did you tie them up?

Grandma and Grandpa

Small Chimp: We needed the ice skate.

Grandpa: My granddaughter needs it. I have special electric scissors. I will set you free.

FM: I will floss you instead.

Grandpa: I am cutting myself free.

Narrator: All of sudden Tom looks over and sees something under the steps.

Tom: Look, champion ice skates! I forgot about those. Here’s some for everyone.

Narrator: Tom gives a pair of skates to everyone. Floss Monster and Chimp turn to go back through the little door.

Floss Monster: Thank you for the ice skates.

Small Chimp: It’s past nine o’clock.  We have to go home.

Tom: I am so tired. I am going upstairs to check on the children.

Grandpa: I am glad that you found those Tom. Let’s go to sleep.

Grandma: I am sleepy. I am going upstairs to take out my teeth.

Floss Monster: Don’t forget to floss.

Bravo to the cast!
Special thanks to adult facilitators (top row, l-r) Sandra Bravo, director Whitney Stange (narrator) and Sam Ligeti

Banana Faces? Playtopia? Interested in Fall registration, but want to learn more about Sunflower’s fun, playful theatre programs? Try a FREE visiting day at our summer theatre camp, next week only (July 16-20, 2012, Monday through Friday, 9:30–11:30 am)! For ages three to eight. Call 561 482-3412 for more information.

Classes are taught by Sunflower Creative Arts teacher Whitney Stange, who has a BFA in acting from the University of Colorado, a Masters in Educational Theatre from NYU and experience teaching theatre to children of all ages.

© Jaime Greenberg, the cast of “Uninvited Guests” (Suzie, Dante, Sierra, Claire and Aidan), and Sunflower Creative Arts, 2012