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Great Give day may have ended but we still need superheroes to help build our scholarship fund.

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Great Give 2019, April 24th for 24 hours

What’s your superpower?

How powerful can 24 hours be? Very. 

This 24 hours can change lives and make superheroes of us all.

On April 24  Sunflower will be participating in The Great Give, 24 hours of online fundraising to help build our scholarship fund.


Confidence is the new super strength. Sure it can be useful to pick up cars and small buildings with your bare hands, but superheroes with the power of confidence can move mountains.  

At Sunflower, we respect the thoughts, emotions and words of each child and give children the freedom to choose their own activities. This leads to a mountainous foundation of self-confidence children can carry with them throughout their lives.


Better than telepathy or x-ray vision, the power of creativity allows its user to build new worlds, see beyond limitations and draw connections others can’t even imagine.  

Opportunities for creativity help children express themselves, understand the world, and make life (and lifelong learning) all the richer. Through free play, nature exploration and process-oriented art, Sunflower gives children the time, space and freedom to imagine and create.


In a world filled with division, compassion is the superpower that will save the day.  

The ability to work together, despite differences, is a vital skill for children and parents to carry with them as citizens of the global community. But before we can work together, we must first understand and care about each other. At Sunflower, both children and parents have opportunities to learn and practice empathy, compassion, creative problem solving, conflict resolution, communication and respect for others.

The mission of Sunflower Creative Arts is to empower children to be confident, creative and compassionate through Play, Nature and the Arts. 

All money raised by Sunflower during The Great Give will benefit families who receive need-based scholarships for Sunflower classes. Your donation helps make the Sunflower experience possible for more families.

Sunflower was #GreatGive17 Photo-A-Day Challenge WINNER

For 24 hours on April 24 we can all be superheroes!

Sunflower’s Great Give Donors help make PLAY happen every day. Their generous donations to our scholarship fund make them our Superheroes for Play, giving the gift of Play + Nature + Art to families who receive need-based scholarships for Sunflower classes.

Thank you for the songs, thank you for the questions, thank you for the games, thank you for the moments of connection, thank you for helping Sunflower reach as many families as possible through our need-based scholarships, thank you for helping to enrich our community. Thank You for being Superheroes for Play!

Sunflower and our Great Give Donors are Superheroes for Play, and this is our creed:
We are the stewards of childhood. We are the advocates for play. We value the experience of pure joy and wonder in the lives of children, we respect their choices and voices, and we vow always to protect their right to PLAY!

Listening to what our children have to say about the world can show us perspectives and truths that we might never have found on our own, age narrows our view of the world. Respecting the voices of our children opens our eyes to all the world has to offer.

Charity of spirit, reaching out a helping hand for a friend’s joy in a moment of play.

Great Give Hope

Hope. Hope for the future. Hope for a future where all children live in a world that is safe and peaceful. Hope for a future where all children can learn and grow while they play. Hope that our children can help to create this world.

Great Give Makes You Happy

Spinning on a tire swing. Sharing stories of adventures. Smiling with joy over fun and games on a sunny day with friends. Happy at Sunflower.

Great Give Giving Back

Sunflower uses all funds raised during the Great Give to provide need-based scholarships for families to join the Sunflower community in all of our programs from Circle of Song to Seedlings to We Love Shakespeare. Enriching our community by giving back to the larger community.

Great Give Advocacy In Action

At Sunflower, we advocate every day for the world of children. For the moments of magic and imagination. For the power of play, nature, and art. For their voices to be heard and respected.

Great Give Advocacy In Action

Tonight Sunflower families, staff, and teachers celebrated the superheroes in all of us at a community potluck. This Gathering of Superheroes helped promote Sunflower’s participation in the upcoming Great Give, 24 hours of online fundraising which Sunflower uses to help grow our scholarship fund. Tonight families with children of all ages gathered together to eat, talk, laugh and pose for superhero portraits. Philanthropy isn’t just giving money, sometimes it means putting on a cape and bringing a plate of brownies or bowl of pasta to spend time with friends to help promote the idea that all children should have access to Play, Nature and Art.

Great Give Advocacy In Action

Thank you to everyone who is making #GreatGive19 possible, including our matching donors:  including Paradise Bank, Kristin Harkness, Doug and Kathleen Colson, Wayne Paglieri and the Sunflower Board. Thank you to the United Way of Palm Beach County and the United Way of Martin County for sponsoring the Great Give. And most of all thank you to our donors and volunteers who make this 24 hours of fundraising for the Sunflower scholarship fund possible. Our hearts are full of gratitude.

Great Give Advocacy In Action

With every minute closer to #GreatGive19 starts excitement is building quickly! We have so many exciting plans for the day of the Great Give we can hardly wait to share them. Wheeee!

Great Give Advocacy In Action

Community is a word we use a lot around Sunflower, it’s an idea that we can so easily take for granted without truly appreciating it’s value. Human’s are social creatures by nature, we need our communities for many reasons, we learn best when we are learning from or teaching our peers, we depend on the emotional support of our friends and loved ones, we come alive sharing our stories with those who know us best, we brainstorm and problem solve with people who are going through similar things, and run to those we love when we need to mourn or celebrate. Our communities are the bedrock of our lives and one of the most important lessons we can teach our children is how to find or build their own communities.

Matching Donors

Thanks to Sunflower’s generous matching donors, including Paradise BankKristin Harkness, Doug and Kathleen Colson, Wayne Paglieri and the Sunflower Board, $5,500 doubled during Great Give 2019!

About Great Give 2019

On April 24, 2019, from midnight to midnight, Sunflower Creative Arts is participating in Great Give Palm Beach & Martin Counties, a 24-hour online giving event led by United Way of Palm Beach County and United Way of Martin County. Great Give 2019 is designed to raise as much money as possible for local nonprofits in a single day! 

All money raised by Sunflower during Great Give 2019 will benefit families who receive need-based scholarships for Sunflower classes. Your donation on April 24 makes you a Superhero for Play and helps make the Sunflower experience possible for more families.

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