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The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game: Add it to the list of things I have learned at Sunflower Creative Arts.

The most important lesson that my son has taught me is the Waiting Game. For him, walking came at 16 months, talking came at 2.5 years, and he toilet “learned” at almost four. I felt all of the pressure when he did not hit the “developmental milestones” at the exact moment the doctor charts told me he should. I had to force myself to ignore the pressure and just… wait.

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The song my heart had been singing…

I sat and listened to these women, all with the same concerns I had as a parent. Then I listened to the thoughtful words Susan used to encourage and uplift these women, and I thought, “Wow, they really get me.” It was as if they’d torn a page from my book. From the moment I stepped foot into Sunflower that first day, I knew I belonged here, and I would do anything I had to do to be here, as long and as often as possible.

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Positive Spaces

From the green middle of the park I follow the sidewalk all the way around with my eyes, like tracing a line. It occurs to me this is one of the few times I’ve explored the grassy areas and rough edges of this particular park… which is ridiculous. Usually when we come here, I’m running or biking, or my daughters are scootering. We hardly ever leave the sidewalk!

But the real life is in the middle, beyond the edges, in the “negative space,” to borrow a term from art class, that lies outside that concrete line that circles the park. And it occurs to me (in light of recent research) that young girls in particular, like mine, could benefit from going off trail and exploring outside the lines a little bit. All it takes is a little extra encouragement.

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