Have you talked with your children about sex? Maybe you’re thinking, “No, they’re way too young,” or “I’m dreading that moment.”

I recently spoke with Susan about this important topic, which she will be discussing at Parent Toolbox on Friday, from 9:30-11 am. She said that many people are uncomfortable talking with their kids about sex, but that it’s something that parents need to do for their family’s and their children’s sake.

“As parents, we need to be ready with information or know where to get information, because all kinds of questions come up during normal, healthy sexual development,” she said.

Friday’s workshop will cover many topics including:

  • When should parents start talking with their children about sex?
  • What behavior is normal exploration and what are the phases of sexual development?
  • How do we keep our families safe from abuse and create safe homes?
  • How do we find resources to help us navigate this topic?

It may surprise you to know that it’s never too soon to begin talking to your children about sex. Rather, parents need to how to address the topic appropriately for each age level.

“We are sexual beings from the time we are born,” says Susan. She stresses that children need to hear healthy, age-appropriate information from their parents. She adds, “Children of all ages need to feel comfortable and safe asking any question.”

Susan also talks about the importance of using proper anatomical terms, and not cutesy nicknames for body parts.

While it might be embarrassing if your child refers to his (or your) anatomy in public, children need to know that our sexual organs are body parts, just like any other body part. When a child knows and uses correct names, it’s obvious to all that they have parents who value truth and honest communication, and who know how to keep their family safe.

Local parents, if you would like to join us for this important workshop, please call 561 482-3412 to RSVP. $15 fee, includes childcare.

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