curiosity + joy = Wonder

Curiosity is not enough for me. There are thousands and maybe millions of things to be curious about. What really gets me going is when I wonder.

To me wonder is curiosity mixed with joy. Wonder happens when an undeniable emotional connection forms with a curiosity. Curiosity catches my eye, but wonder leads me down the unknown path.

I see wonder in young children’s eyes all the time. You can see it when young ones furrow their brow, get silent, and go to work. Often it’s wonder that drives them to exploration.

Sadly it’s rare to see this level of curiosity in adults. That’s a shame. How can we foster wondrous human beings if we ourselves don’t feel wonder in the world?

Do we, as adults, lose the ability to emotionally connect with a curiosity? I feel that with a little practice we can get back to wonder. Adults need wonder in their lives as much and maybe more than children do. Wonder can provide a connection to the natural world, and help maintain a need to discover physical and emotional aspects of our lives that may need more exploration.

I wonder what you think!

© Jonathan Iris-Wilbanks and Sunflower Creative Arts, 2011
Photo © Jaime Greenberg and Sunflower Creative Arts, 2011